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Ducks Mission Statement

To assist our players in reaching their best potential both on and off the ice. 

Dells Ducks
The Dells Ducks are committed to each and every player we sign. It is very easy to find a junior team to play on, but will that team be the right fit?  The Ducks from day one, have always put the players ahead of wins and loses. Wins are important, however the development and promise to the player is the team's number one goal.  The Ducks are not going to cycle kids through the team to win and leave those who started the season riding the pines only to win. 
So if you want to play Junior Hockey reach out to the Ducks and see if you have the qualities to make the team.
As a Dells Duck player, you will have the opportunity to skate up to 5 hours a day for free. No other Junior team at any level can offer a player that.   

Our Story

The Dells Ducks Junior Hockey Program was started in 2011 by John Schwarz and Aaron Kirby. During that first season, the team hired Shawn Falzone to be the organization's first head coach.  After a successful first season, Coach Falzone took a coaching position in the Collage Hockey ranks.

The team for the first few years were members of the Minnesota Junior Hockey League. After the league was dissolved, the team became members of the United State Premier Hockey League (USPHL).  Coming into the 10th anniversary of the teams existence Coach Falzone become team owner and General Manager, returning to where his junior hockey Coaching started. 

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