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Do I sign up a team?  No this an individual registration event.

Can my player be on the same team as friends?  It's possible. The entire reason behind this event is to assist with stress and tryout jitters in the future. This event will allow your player to know what it is like to be on a team with maybe no person they know. So when it comes time for a tryout for a AAA team or something bigger, they know what it feels like and hopefully have less stress related to the process.
Can my kids at the same age level be one the same team to help with travel?  Absolutely
Do we have to show up for evaluation night?  For the process to work as we intend, we ask that every attempt be make to make the evaluation time. With the school yard pick process, our goal is to have the teams as equal as possible. 
Can I register my C level Goalie?  In prior years we have had teams that have been almost identical in skill level.  When a lower skill level goalie is on a team it is very hard to keep the teams competitive.  Our goal is to never turn anyone away if we have a spot, however it is equally important that in a event such as this our goalies are skilled and do not create an obvious weakness on the ice.
Do we get a really awesome custom team jersey to keep? Yes, it will be so cool your friends are going to wish they were drated!
If you have any questions not seen above, please email me at or text me at 608-963-6755