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Ice Hockey Stick and Puck

Ponytail Classic

The first choice for great girls hockey


Our favorite event of the season without question. This all girls event fills up fast and should be your first choice for your teams tournament. 

Ponytail Classic

U10 Division

DAY         TIME        RINK LOCATION         HOME                VISITOR

FRI           4:00pm       Lake Delton        Sauk Monkeys Vs.  Wash Co.

FRI           5:10pm       Lake Delton        St Paul Caps Vs.    Revolution

FRI           6:20pm       Lake Delton        Starwhals   Vs.      Jr Fuel

SAT          9:10am       Lake Delton        St. Paul Caps vs.  Starwhals

SAT         10:20am      Lake Delton        Revolution vs.      Wash Co

SAT         11:30am      Lake Delton        Sauk Monkeys vs.  Jr. Fuel

SAT           3:10pm      Baraboo              St. Paul Caps vs.  Sauk Monkeys

SAT           4:15pm      Lake Delton        Revolution   vs.  Starwhals

SAT            5:30pm      Lake Delton        Wash Co.   vs. Jr Fuel

                                       CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES 

                                       Sunday @ Lake Delton Ice





U12 Division

DAY   TIME         RINK LOCATION         HOME                    VISITOR

FRI     6:30pm     Baraboo                       Jr. Fuel          vs.      Sauk Monkeys 

FRI     7:30pm     Lake Delton                 St. Pauk Caps   vs.   Ozaukee

FRI     7:40pm     Baraboo                       Starwhals      vs.     Revolution  

SAT   11:30am    Baraboo                      Ozaukee        vs.      Starwhals

SAT   12:45pm    Lake Delton                Jr. Fuel           vs.      Revolution

SAT   12:45pm    Baraboo                      St. Paul Caps   vs.   Sauk Monkeys

SAT     6:40pm    Lake Delton                Ozaukee             vs.  Jr Fuel

SAT     7:50pm    Lake Delton                Sauk Monkeys   vs.  Revolution

SUN    8:00am    Lake Delton                St. Paul Caps      vs. Starwhals


                                          CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES 

                                         Sunday @ Lake Delton Ice



U14 Division

DAY         TIME        RINK LOCATION       HOME            VISITOR

FRI           8:40pm      Lake Delton           Ozaukee   vs.   St. Paul Caps

FRI           8:50pm      Baraboo                 Lake City   vs.  Revolution    SAT          8:00am      Lake Delton           Starwhals     vs.   Vipers

SAT          1:55pm      Lake Delton           Ozaukee   vs.  Starwhals

SAT          2:00pm      Baraboo                 Lake City   vs. Vipers

SAT          3:05pm      Lake Delton           St. Paul Caps vs. Revolution

SUN         9:10am      Lake Delton           Ozaukee   vs. Lake City

SUN        10:20am     Lake Delton           St. Paul Caps   vs.  Starwhals

SUN        11:30am     Lake Delton           Revolution   vs.  Vipers

                                              CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES

                                             Sunday @ Lake Delton Ice



Dells Ponytail Classic

The Ponytail Classic is by far our most popular event with many team taking part in all of the past seven years. This event is for Girls U10 - U12 - U14 teams.

Our goal is to bring you team and families memories to last a lifetime. Located in the Indoor Waterpark Capitol of the World, there is no better place to bring your team for a hockey vacation. 



For Hotel Options, please click on the Hotel Partners Icon on the home page.

For Tournament information or if you have any questions, please let us know.


We have the following spots available

U10 - FULL

U12 - FULL

U14 - FULL

Tournament Format

3 Game Guarantee Schedule. 

Typical tournament format would be one game on Friday afternoon/night, and either two games on Saturday or one Saturday and One Sunday in pool play. 

All Championship Games are player on Sunday and finishing typically around 4:30pm

Each team who WINS their game will receive 1 Point the Losing team 0, a tie game will result in 1 point for each team.

Teams will the most points will advance to the Championship Game the 4th of the weekend. 

Tie Breakers include goal differential with a 5 goal max. (This prevents "Those" teams from racking up the score which we all don't want!)

Penalty Minutes and Finally a coin flip.

No Time out will be granted in pool play (First three games). A time out will be allowed in the Championship game only. Overtime rules will be a 4 on 4 five minute sudden death followed by a 4 player shoot-out.   Overtime will only take place in the Championship Games. No overtime in pool play. 




We are located behind BOBBER ISLAND GRILL and to the left on Miller Drive. 2 Blocks from the Wilderness Resort and Waterpark. 

Baraboo Pierce Park Rink
950 Walnut Street
Baraboo, WI

Take US 12 South from Lake Delton. Exit County W exit (5th Exit) follow round-a-bout to the left past walmart. At stop light continue straight past Farm and Fleet. At round-a-bout, follow to the right. Go about 1 miles at bottom of the hill, Rink is on the right off the road. If you get to the Baraboo County Club you went to far. 

Stay to Play Event

This is a Stay to Play Event. In order to play in a Dells Cup Event.



1. Select a Hotel From the HOTEL PARTNERS TAB found from the HOME PAGE

2. Contact Tournament Director with how many rooms your team will need. We will block rooms and get you a booking code.

3. Give booking code to your families and have them register prior to the deadline.  There is also a booking code located under the Hotel Partners tab. Give friends or family that code and they too can enjoy the weekend with you. 

We have this stay to play rule for all teams who are traveling more than 1 hour away. Excepts can be made upon request. We enforce this rule as our facility is owned by the Village of Lake Delton and Leased by Ybrik Management LLC.  The Village continues to make upgrades to the facility based a lot in part by how many rooms our events bring in to the community which equals economic impact. Lake Delton Ice the dba of Ybrik, also receives a rebate back from all partner hotels. This allows us to keep our costs down and pass on to local youth clubs and tournament teams. 

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